The Portuguese Francisco Pardal and the Slovenian Monika Hrastnik are the new DHI Elite European Champions. They won the final races this Sunday in Lousã, Aldeias do Xisto, Portugal.

Both were the fastest during the timed sessions of the day before and confirmed their streght on the decisive downhill. Francisco Pardal ended his race in 4’11”306, beating the French Benoit Coulanges by just 0,110 seconds. The bronze medal travelled to Italy in the luggage of Joahannes van Klebelgsberg, who needed more 1,709 seconds than Pardal.

The women race saw the hegemony of the Slovenian rider Monika Hrastnik. She completed the 2,43 km track in 4’46”855. Morgane Charre, from France, was the second with more 2,992 seconds than the winner. The Swiss rider Camille Balanche closed the podium, spending more 18,659 seconds than Hrastnik.

The junior races were won by the Portuguese boy Tiago Ladeira and the French girl Nastasia Gimenez.


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